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September 25, 2019

We all need to see the upcoming challenges and focus on solutions. The suicide rates have been on rise in every state except Nevada as per the findings of Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Their research found that the suicide rate increased by more than 30% than half of states from 1999 to 2016. In some states, that increase was as high as 58%. This means

The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention estimates that there were 1.4 million suicide attempts in 2017. That translates to an attempt every 23 seconds.

Every 23 seconds, someone attempts suicide.

Source: American Foundation of Suicide Prevention

Here are some facts in front of us from 2017 from American Association of Suicidology

Fatal Outcome

  • Average of 1 person every 11.1 minutes killed themselves—1 male every 14.3 minutes, 1 female every 50.6 minutes
  • Average of 1 older adult every 1 hour and 1 minute killed themselves; Average of 1 middle aged adult every 32 minutes
  • Average of 1 young person every 1 hour and 24 minutes killed themselves. (If the 522 suicides below age 15 are included, 1 young person every 1 hour and 18 minutes)

Non Fatal Outcomes

  • 1,179,325 annual attempts in U.S. (using 25:1 ratio); 2017 SAMHSA study: 1.4 million adults (18 and up)
  • Translates to one attempt every 27 seconds (based on 1,179,325 attempts) [1.4 million = 1 every 23 seconds]
  • 25 attempts for every death by suicide for nation (one estimate); 100-200:1 for young; 4:1 for older adults
  • 3 female attempts for each male attempt
  • Older adults made up 15.6% of 2017 population, but 18.2% of suicides
  • Young made up 13.3% of 2017 population and 13.3% of suicides
  • Middle Aged made up 25.9% of the 2017 population, but were 35.1% of suicides
  • 1,370,640* Years of Potential Life Lost Before Age 75 (43,220 of 47,173 suicides are below age 75)

Laughing At Life- (LAL) (www.laughingatlife.org) is a division of Roar 4 Change brings a unique program to USA, Canada and India Canada to reach out to the people. The LAL team is making humble attempts to on the major challenge of Mental Health. With a mission to increase Happiness by Laughing at Life! Let all come together to Laugh, Learn, Live a Happy Life.

Laughing At Life team is making its humble attempts to bring better and healthier living to the community. To start, we have partnered with Medivizor to offer one-of-a-kind platform. The platform is FREE for the patients (or caregivers). With a mission to educate and offer innovative tools & techniques for better and healthy living, the Laughing At Life team have been doing events across USA and Canada. Below are the three steps to become a member (free & private!):

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About Laughing At Life (LAL)- www.laughingatlife.org

Roar 4 Change is a 501 (c) Not for Profit Organization dedicated to bringing change and increasing the Happiness Index by actively contributing to the socioeconomic development of all communities worldwide. Roar 4 Change recently launched Laughing at Life division to focus on Mental Health for the communities.

Facebook: @LaughingatLife.org

Website: www.laughingatlife.org

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