Wake Up India | India is the most depressed country in the world.

December 7th, 2019

Indians have been always a figure of happiness and hard work. The story is changing and here are the facts:

  • According to the study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) around 200 million people in India may suffer from depression, i.e. one in five people.
  • The National Crime Records Bureau statistics reports show that 35 in every 100,000 people in Bangalore commit suicide due to depression.1
  • The average suicide rate in India is 10.9 for every 100,000 and most people who commit suicide are below 44 years of age. 2
  • Statistics all around the world show that women are more depressed than men.
  • In the recent World Happiness Report of 2019, India was ranked 140 among the survey of 156 nations. 3

There are many reasons why Mental Health is ‘Not talked about’ in India, such as lack of education, awareness, ignorance, pressure, social and cultural beliefs.

1. Stigma- India is now the most depressed country in the world. Stigma is one of the major reasons why we talk less about this. We need to start thinking about better mental healthcare facilities, and remove the stigma associated with it.

2. Lack of Empathy- People are not aware and hence they lack empathy. All that is associated about Mental Health is negative. In order to empathize, one needs to understand the issues around Mental Health and in order to understand, we need to talk and make people aware.

3. Judgement and Fear- We have been brought up with the notion of not to talk to our friends or family about our health issues. It will take a lot of courage, as you will be judged, and the fear of being abandoned is always there.

4. Education- We need to be serious and Mental Health should be taught in schools and children should be taught how to be sensitive towards the people who suffer from Mental Health. Moreover, we need to teach the signs and symptoms of mental illness.

5. Expensive treatment- The treatment can be expensive, and we need to have generic drug manufactures coming forward to produce this at low cost.

We all need to come together to fight mental illness. Let us first educate our peers and children on this subject.

Laughing At Life, a division of Roar 4 Change is focusing to create awareness across India, Canada and USA on this important issue. Here are few initiatives been taken by the team.

  • We are conducting regular awareness seminars with police authorities and doctors to make people more aware. Please find below link of our recent program with the Irving Police Chief Jeff Spivey and the community members.
  • We are creating a core help team when members from society in Dallas. The team is composed with doctors, lawyers and individuals from different profession and language & regions of South Asia. The goal is to provide support and guidance to the community members who are fighting mental illness.
  • A 20,000km journey by road across Canada and USA from May – November 2020 to create awareness on mental health and its symptoms.

About Laughing At Life:

Laughing At Life is a division of Roar 4 Change. A non-profit organization dedicated to bringing change and increasing the Happiness Index by actively contributing to the socioeconomic development of all communities worldwide. Roar 4 Change focuses on helping the community, environment and providing disaster support through its initiatives; Roar 4 Help, Roar 4 Happiness, Roar 4 Hunger and Roar 4 Water.

  • Roar 4 Help: A program where we distribute clothes and toys to orphans, homeless and disaster victims.
  • Roar 4 Happiness: Creating awareness on the Mental Health Challenges
  • Roar 4 Hunger: Weekly drive of serving food to cancer patients and their relatives.
  • Roar 4 Water: Initiative to bring innovative water technologies to address water scarcity and contamination.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Baljit Singh for any further information via email bsingh@roar4change.org

Facebook: Roar 4 Change


Roar 4 Change www.roar4change.org

Laughing At Life www.laughingatlife.org

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