Our Charter

It is pleasure to share that Roar 4 Change has started a division Laughing at Life. The mission is Happiness by Laughing at Life! Let all come together to Laugh, Learn, Live a Happy Life. Laughing at Life is our humble effort to increase Happiness Index where we live!

The Information And Technology age brings lots of challenges with it to us as individuals. We see this day in and day out in our journey of life that people have become victim of mental health. Individual go to the extend that they kill other and commit suicide as they are unaware how to handle stress and challenge in their life.

We have three fold charter at Laughing at Life:

  1. Organize workshops with industry experts on how to deal with growing challenges of mental health in one’s life.
  2. Educate our society that mental health is not a stigma and there is help available. We are planning to do this via regular On-Air Radio time.
  3. Create a free Help Line to assist individuals dealing with depression issues in their daily life. We are planning to pilot this in USA (Dallas) and Canada (Brampton, Calgary, Surrey).

Meet the Team

Fighting mental health challenges is not going to be easy but we as a team are unified and determined on taking this in our journey of life.


Baljit is leading the effort from front. Baljit is a motivational speaker, author and adviser to several companies on their journey to new heights. Baljit loves to cook, travel and spend time with friends. He utilized these channels to Fight Depression.

Ram Nabar

Ram Nabar is an Entrepreneur based out of Virginia, USA. 30 Years of experience in Executive General Management and Operations in Restaurants. He believes in working out to Fight Depression.

Jagjeet Panesar

Jagjeet Panesar, An Entrepreneur and a strong believer of Going Green and Sustainability. Jagjeet believes on Fighting Depression via meditation and nature!

Next Steps…

Join us to Fight Depression. Connect with us to learn more on how you can be part of our journey on Fighting Depression. Contact Us!